Professional Learning

Events encompass all upcoming Professional Learning opportunities. Mainly, the learning experiences offered are brought to you by the Strive Professional Learning Committee and align with How Does Learning Happen?, Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, as well as the College of Early Childhood Educators requirement for Continuous Professional Learning.

This can include, workshops, reflections, guest speakers, and hands-on-learning which may be delivered in single sessions, article studies, and full or half day events. Also highlighted are network meetings, committee meetings, and other upcoming events for community engagement.

The full calendar is available here.


15 August

So Many Documents…Which “one” do I use?

14 September

Strive Committee Meeting – September
The Strive Committee meets on the second Friday of every month.

12 October

Strive Committee Meeting – October
The Strive Committee meets on the second Friday of every month.

20 October

Tool Time
Pedagogical Focus: Well-Being, Relationships, Environments

9 November

Strive Committee Meeting – November
The Strive Committee meets on the second Friday of every month.

QCCCC is now strive!

Strive is proud and honored to announce our rebranding. Formerly the Quality Child Care Coordinating Committee, or QCCCC, we launched our new name, logo, and tagline in October 2017.

With this comes not only an exciting change, but also marks this transformative time in the Early Years sector. While our strategic plan has been in place since 2016, we have made gigantic strides towards our outcomes.

Undergoing this rebranding is a major step not only for us, but for all Early Years and Child Care Professionals in the community.

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