New Strategic Plan!

We are pleased to share with you Leading Inspired Learning, our strategic plan for 2020 – 2023. This is a transformative time in the Child Care and Early Years sector. This plan outlines the change we want to inspire and the strategies we will implement in the next four years.

Over the next four years, we will leverage our knowledge and expertise to be leaders in the sector. We will build strong partnerships and create opportunities for connection. We will focus on serving as a catalyst to help Child Care and Early Years professionals achieve their goals and build their professional capacity.
Together, we will reach our goal of providing the best care to children in our community.

We hope you will join us in leading inspired learning!

Join the ECE Resource Centre

Strive is here to support all your professional learning needs. We have an inventory of physical resources that can be borrowed to support your program’s needs. A membership costs $35.00 for a full year of access. You can browse our inventory online before committing to a membership.

In addition, we understand that it may be difficult to attend professional learning events in addition to your work day but that you value your professional growth. That is why we created an online learning platform with digital resources, prerecorded webinars, live recorded sessions, and printouts that you can access any day, any time! We will continue to grow our online library of resources in response to the community’s needs. Strive Online resources are free to access.

Early Learning Professionals are invited to join the ECE Professional Resource Centre:

Our Services

Strive is a multi-faceted service for promoting quality in the early years sector. While Professional Learning is our main focus, we also offer several other platforms as a means of growing as a professional.

Upcoming Events

25 May

Community of Practice: Be Well
Healing our Inner (Young) Wounds: Attachment and the Inner Child

29 May

1 June

Educator Wellness: Yoga at Museum London
Site Tour: Huron Heights Place Early Childhood Centre

6 June