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An inspiring space for cozy conversations about all things Early Childhood Education and Care.

Listen, learn, reflect, enjoy!


We know how impactful professional learning can be on the quality of care early childhood educators and early years professionals provide to children and families. At the same time, we recognize that committing to a professional learning session can feel like too much on top of your other responsibilities and obligations.

The intention of this podcast is to bring professional learning to you. Our hope is to share the thoughtful, pedgagogical conversations were are privileged to engage in within our Strive committees and communities in a way that is fun, engaging, and easily consumable.

You can engage at your own pace and when and where it is convenient for you. Tune in while you’re out for a walk or having a snack or on your commute!

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Episode: 02 – The Magic of Outdoor Play with Jenny Britt

Welcome to Leading Inspired Learning: A Strive Podcast! In this episode, Ally is joined by Jenny Britt, Outdoor Play Specialist at the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario, to talk all things outdoor play. Listen, learn, reflect, enjoy!

Special Guest Bio:

Jenny Britt is the Outdoor Play Specialist for the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario.

She is currently involved in a project involving training early learning professionals in partnership with the Lawson Foundation as part of their National Outdoor Play Strategy 2.0. The YMCA of Southwestern Ontario’s work is focused on research and dissemination of outdoor pedagogy throughout YMCAs across Canada.

Minisode: 01 – March 2023 Professional Learning Update

Join Meaghan, Strive Professional Learning Lead, on the first minisode episode! In this minisode, Meaghan outlines the upcoming professional learning events for March 2023. Check out all of our current events HERE!

Episode: 01 – Welcome to the Podcast

Welcome to Leading Inspired Learning: A Strive Podcast! In our first episode, we introduce the Strive team, dig into our why, set intentions, play a game, and laugh…a lot! Joyful chaos abounds! Listen, learn, reflect, enjoy!

Episode: 00 – Teaser

Welcome to Leading Inspired Learning, a Strive podcast. Join Ally Scott, Strive Project Manager, as she introduces Strive and highlights our intentions for this podcast.