Networking is a vital aspect to the professional growth of early childhood educators. Strive provides opportunities for practitioners to network and connect with other professionals within environments that stimulate creativity and innovation. Collaboration and innovation combine to improve practice and impact. We are committed to building an environment that cultivated innovative collaboration because it allows for new pathways to success. Networking renews and refreshes, it brings synergy and pushes boundaries.

Our current Networks include:

  • Child Care Cooks and Dietary Planners Network
  • Nursery School and Parent Cooperative Network
  • Réseau Francophones


Child Care Cooks and Dietary Planners Network

Cooks and Dietary Planners are invited to meet, share ideas, and engage in conversations with fellow professionals. Ginette Blake, Public Health Dietitian with the Middlesex-London Health Unit will facilitate sessions to discuss healthy eating and menu planning from the perspective of the new Child Care and Early Years Act and current nutrition recommendations for children.

All are welcome! If you are interested in attending a network meeting, visit EVENTS.


Nursery School and Parent Cooperative Network

While we all navigate the ongoing changes that the Covid-19 pandemic have brought, the have uniquely impacted Nursery School programs. The purpose of this group is to network, collaborate, brainstorm, and share ideas in moving forward with these changes, while still keeping the philosophy of your programs.

This group will give you the opportunity to connect with others who are in the same situation and to work together to figure out how to implement these changes and share information with families. Bring ideas, successes, questions, and concerns, and we will work through them together.

All are welcome! This group is meeting monthly on the last Monday of each month at 2pm via zoom. If you are interested in attending a network meeting, please email Bre at to be sent the meeting information.


Réseau Franchophones

L’objectif du réseau est de réunir les professionnels fancophones en petit enfance pour collaborer, discuter et échanger sur leurs idées, succès, questions et inquiétudes. C’est aussi l’occasion d’identifier les besoins en développement professionnel et soutenir les meilleures pratiques pour des services en petit enfance francophone de qualité.

Tout le monde est bienvenu! S’inscrire à notre prochaine réunion ici: EVENTS.

Communities of Practice

“The College defines communities of practice for RECEs in this way:

A group of professionals who share a concern or passion about a practice topic and who wish to learn how to improve this area of practice by communicating and collaborating with each other regularly over time. Communities of practice are examples of reflective practice and collaborative inquiry.

In a community of practice, RECEs come together to discuss, learn and strategize ways in which to better understand or advance a shared passion as a group and as individuals in daily practice. The voices and perspectives of all members are reflected in the work of a community of practice.”

College of Early Childhood Educators, CPL Resource, Communities of Practice

Our current Communities of Practice include:

  • Infant Educators
  • Outdoor Play


Community of Practice: Infant Educators

Facilitated by: Paula Dibbits, RECE

“Although it is possible to be a reflective teacher on your own, reflecting with a group of coworkers offers a richer experience of camaraderie, multiple perspectives, deeper learning, and shared enjoyment of your work together.” (Curtis, Lebo, Cividanes, & Carter, 2013).

This opportunity invites educators who work in and/or support infant programs to come together and collaboratively reflect on the unique joys and the challenges that come with caring for our youngest children.

Participants will share experiences, ideas and resources, offer one another support, listen, and ask thoughtful questions. Topics may include programming ideas, communication, the environment, and much more. Conversations emerging from this group will be ongoing.

All are welcome! If you are interested in attending a community of practice, visit EVENTS.


Community of Practice: Outdoor Play

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a sub-committee of professionals dedicated to outdoor play came together with the goal of supporting educators in their outdoor practice. This unique time has highlighted the ever-important need for children to be outdoors. This committee includes:

  • Alan Thompson – Playventure
  • Amanda Benton – LDCSB
  • Tandy Morton – WildChild
  • Jenny Britt – YMCASWO
  • Breanna Piccolotto – Strive

The outdoors is an important part of our day with children and this monthly opportunity brings childcare professionals together to discuss the challenges and successes of outdoor programming.

All are welcome! If you are interested in attending a community of practice, visit EVENTS.