Strive is proud and honored to announce our rebranding. Formerly the Quality Child Care Coordinating Committee, or QCCCC, we launched our new name, logo, and tagline in October 2017. With this comes not only an exciting change, but also marks this transformative time in the Early Years sector. While our strategic plan has been in place since 2016, we have made gigantic strides towards our outcomes. Undergoing this rebranding is a major step not only for us, but for all Early Years and Child Care Professionals in the community.

Our new name, Strive, perfectly embodies what we aim to do. Early Years and Child Care Professionals in our community strive to provide quality care for all the children in their programs. We strive to embody and deliver a sense of belonging, well-being, engagement and expression – the four foundations of The Ministry of Educations’ How Does Learning Happen? Pedagogy – in all programs. We strive to do this through meaningful professional learning opportunities, networking meetings, mentoring, professional resources and community engagement that ultimately develop strong pedagogical leaders. This, in turn, contributes to our end goal of the best quality care for the children in our community.

With the help of the award winning design company adHOME, Strive’s new logo encompasses our past, present and future. It acknowledges our strong history with the five founding counties shown through the five main colours. It represents two people coming together collaboratively as well as a nod to the education element with an apple symbolized. The brush-like strokes are fluid and signify movement while also adding a whimsical childish element.

The rebranding of our new image, formally establishes our mission, vision and purpose. We are excited and energized by the transformation in our community and the sector as whole.

We want to take a moment to thank:  Our funder; City of London and Middlesex County Children’s Services, the members of the Advisory Committee, our backbone organization; Childreach, St Thomas – Elgin Social Services- Children’s Services, for your continued support, adHOME; for our brand and website development, as well as all of our partner organizations and community members.

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