an invitation to rest

You are cordially invited to invest in your own rest…


We live in a culture that encourages a constant state of doing.

Busy has become the expectation.

We over-schedule, over-commit, and over-extend.

Research would even suggest that how we perceive our level of “busyness” factors significantly into a false sense of self-worth (Bellezza et al., 2017).  Scarcity of time has become a badge of honour we strive for, compromising our overall well-being.

When busy becomes a way of life, rest, time for reflection, and acts of self-care tend to fall by the wayside.



“Our culture romanticizes the glory of doing and minimizes the value of slowing down”.

– Tina Quade


In caring professions, such as Early Childhood Education, this is all the more true. We are, by nature, inclined to say yes, inclined to give, and inclined to prioritize others before ourselves, particularly in the context of our work. This is something we at Strive can attest to firsthand.

Our team’s primary role is to support professional growth by facilitating meaningful opportunities for connection, reflection, and learning. In turn, we find ourselves constantly amazed and inspired by the ways the early years community shows up to participate.

Whether at the end of your long workday, or on a Saturday morning. You show up.  While a global pandemic rages on around you.  You show up. This dedication to continuous professional learning and building our sectoral capacities absolutely fuels what we do and we are beyond grateful.

Yet while we applaud the unwavering commitment to practice and certainly believe wholeh