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    Ideas from June Infant CoP:
    • making individual bottles with coloured Pom poms, beads
    • gel, paint, water bags with pieces to push around.
    • Painting with infants in a ziplock bag
    • we can also add some of bells into the bottles
    • I have put flowers I the sensory bottles and leaves
    • natural materials


    Ideas from September CoP
    Play doh
    Paint brush soapy water
    Cornstarch and water
    Sand and water
    Paper towels to wash the table (ripping, wetting, rubbing)
    Face Clothes (missing softness – blankets and stuffies)
    Paint in a bag
    Ice cubes with food colouring on a popsicle sticks
    Coloured noodles in own bin
    Texture walk – logs, bark, grass, leaves
    Mini Pumpkin for each child – seeds in ziplock
    Fall artifact globe – dollar tree snow globes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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