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    Ideas from June Infant CoP:
    • lots of smiles
    • ask for family photos for the rooms
    • ive heard people saying sing a special sing
    • taking lots of photos and posting them for the parents to see that their child is alright and having fun
    • maybe we could have zooms during they day
    • encourage phone calls
    • we use the weemarkable app where we are able to take pictures and send to the parents as well..
    • the hardest part will be the not instinctively picking them up hugging them and kissing them!
    • reaching out for the parents to calm them when we can and for sure if the parents like that
    • Asking parents how they comfort their children and try to use that if possible
    • A lot of reminding not to put things in mouths
    • We can send a message to the parents when we have time and tell them how’s their child doing


    Ideas from September CoP:
    Dancing with radio
    Create fun environment
    Bubbles (wave wand)
    Reading stories one on one
    Photos from home and photos of themselves

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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