Ingrid Pederson

This article as well as the workshop made me want to delve into more studying and conversations about: These different ideas, some are from conversations from others and some are from myself I would love your input 😊
Like how a certain smell can bring back memories, something from your childhood
Sharing stories had always been important to me, both reading as well as spoken stories, I feel I learn best from these stories.
As we move towards returning to the daycare, what ‘ Stories’ will you remember about these times, from the social distancing to the technology?
Karyn Callaghan mentions in the workshop about how educators weave different ideas together
What does it do to your thinking if we consider that our practices are structured on an ecology of relationships that include time and materials
Is there a way you could apply these stories to help children as we all adjust to a new way of being together?
What has influenced the kinds of relationships you have had with the children, families, and colleagues in the context you are weaving,
Are their any threads that you would like to unravel?
Any you would like to change?
How are our values woven into our days through time, inclusion, creativity, citizenship, relationships and listening
Each time I read the article I see and feel something new