Facilitated By: Dina Collard RECE, Angela Balcom RECE, Maria Park RECE, Sandy McCulloch RECE, & Nancy Liabotis RECE



Early Childhood Education and Care is tough work! You nurture, care, comfort, protect, plan, reflect, observe, document, play, learn, inspire – and that’s all before lunch!


Few are more acutely aware of the countless ways you support children and families than your Resource Consultants. They have a unique perspective and understanding of our sector, interacting with different Educators in a variety of settings each day. They see first-hand your tireless efforts, the passion that fuels you forward, and the resilience you demonstrate in the face of adversity.


In this 2-part session, join members of the dynamic All Kids Belong team as they share their perspectives, discuss the importance of everyday interactions, and explore the lasting influence of Early Childhood Education. They will also share their personal areas of passion, including self-care, boundaries, and self-regulation.


Through discussion and reflective practices, this opportunity will acknowledge the important work of Early Childhood Educators and emphasize all the ways You Make the Difference.


The two sessions will take place January 21 & January 28

**participants must commit to attending both sessions


Thursday January 21 & Thursday January 28

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

via ZOOM

** Access link and password will be emailed out prior to the event.

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