Facilitated By: Leroy Hibbert, LUSO’s Multicultural Outreach Program Coordinator


This session is being made possible by the City of London’s 2019 Access, Affordability, Capacity Building/Quality One-Time Funding Opportunity.


In this follow-up opportunity to Cultural Awareness & Racial Understanding, participants will have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions around issues of cultural and racial equity. We will discuss impact to practice and participants will be invited to consider what next steps look like for them as individuals and as early learning professionals.


**Please note, this is intended as a follow-up opportunity to Cultural Awareness & Racial Understanding. If you have not taken part in that introductory session, we ask that you please do so prior to registering for this one. You can register to attend Cultural Awareness & Racial Understanding HERE.


Thursday, August 12th

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

via ZOOM

** Access link and password will be emailed out prior to the event.

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