Facilitated By: Anisha Angella, RECE, BASc – Owner and Founder of Anisha Angella Books and Consulting



Addressing diversity in early childhood is needed now, more than ever. As professionals, it is our duty to ensure all families and children feel heard and welcome – and it starts in our environments!


This learning opportunity will provide participants with information on new ways of understanding diversity, while also expanding our views, and promoting diversity in our Early Years environments – it is more than just a book on the shelf!


This session focuses on:

  • Fostering a deeper understanding of diversity
  • Exploring a theoretical approach to diversity
  • Connecting with how to bring diversity into the classroom/program
  • Taking action


Anisha has over 15 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She is a childcare coach, consultant and recently published her first children’s book!

Anisha specializes in delivering online workshops and courses, and in childcare consulting such as administrative support, team training, leadership training, quality control, and coaching childcare professionals and self-published authors.

She is passionate about working with early childhood entrepreneurs who are looking to build a business in early childhood by becoming a coach, online facilitator or educator.


To learn more, check out Anisha’s website: https://www.anishaangellabooks.ca/


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Thursday, September 23
6:30 – 8:00PM

$10 (Elgin Access Code Available)


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