Facilitated By: Krista Kankula, Creativity Coach & Artist


Reconnect with the value, joy, and impact of process over product art in this hands-on, experiential workshop.

This session will be all about letting go of the pressure to make something that’s “perfect” or “pretty” and instead being free and playful in your artistic expression and focusing on the joy in the creative process.

Together we’ll create three pieces of process art using paint, pastels and unexpected tools. There will be prompts and space to reflect, so you can explore how you might amplify or expand the philosophy of process over outcome and qualities of play in your professional practice with children and families as well as your personal creative expression.


Come let your creativity spill out onto the page!




Krista Kankula is a Creativity Coach and Abstract Painter. Her coaching & workshops focuses on unblocking your creativity, sticking with your creative path and being free, wild and playful in your creative expression. She believes that when you bring a playful approach to your creativity and life you can face the fear of “who am I to create this?” and build belief in yourself and your creative abilities – all while freeing yourself up to feel more energized, joyful and fulfilled.




While we welcome participation from outside of the Early Years sector, please note these learning opportunities are intended for early years professionals and the early years lens will be emphasized.


To access printable poster, please use the following link: Messy on Purpose Poster


Thursday February 9

6:30 – 8:30 PM


265 Maitland St. London


** Elgin Access Code Enabled

***This event has SOLD OUT.  To be placed on the waitlist, please e-mail Bre at breanna@striveswo.ca