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“In partnership with communities, CSCN provides information, fosters understanding about options and explores opportunities to enable children, adults and families to live a full and fulfilled life.”


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) encompasses a range of physical and neurodevelopmental problems that can result from prenatal alcohol exposure. It is brain damage and is often known as the “Invisible Disability” as there are rarely physical indicators of the condition. Currently, there are at least 4% of Canadians living with FASD and their symptoms can vary from person to person. It can be very challenging to get an FASD diagnosis, which often leads to many individuals struggling without an understanding of their disability.


Our FASD 101 presentation focuses on FASD awareness, the symptoms of the disability, how it effects the child’s day to day living, and the strategies that can help everyone gain a better understanding, and experience more success when working with the person living with FASD. We also discuss community resources and local services that may be helpful.


In FASD 102, we further explore key concepts in our work with people living with an FASD. This training includes an interactive case study based on the lived experience of members of our community. Participants will apply the skills they have learned in FASD 101 and FASD 102 to the situations and scenarios in the case study. FASD 101 is a prerequisite for this presentation.


FASD Service Coordinators provide solution-focused consultation, strategies and support to professionals, children, youth and their families affected by FASD. We support families with service coordination based on their goals, and support with learning strategies for their child in the home and community. We connect with professionals to support the family’s community team in the hopes to foster FASD informed approaches. In addition, we will assist the family with gathering necessary documentation to support an FASD diagnosis, if one is not already been completed.


**Please note, this is two part series. We ask that by registering you plan to attend BOTH sessions. FASD 101 – Thursday, February 3rd and FASD 102 – Thursday, February 24th.

Thursday, February 3rd and 24th
6:30 – 8:00PM
Via Zoom


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