Facilitated by Afsaneh Azari and Michelle Philips, Mental Health Workers for the Canadian Mental Health Association Community Wellness Programs



Being an Early Childhood Educator can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. The selflessness it takes to work with, teach, and care for young children is a testament to the commitment and passion of those who have chosen this profession.


You devote a lot of time, energy, and professional responsibility to others each and every day, but may not always devote enough time to yourself. Chances are this may sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and emotionally drained. Add in a national crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and you may find that your ability to effectively manage those feelings has decreased significantly.


Our world, communities and the ways we work and engage with others have changed dramatically over the last 8 months, and increased stress and anxiety around those changes is not only expected, but normal as well.


Empathic drain and chronic exhaustion, also known as compassion fatigue, is a risk associated with our work as professional caregivers. It can happen to anyone and, most importantly, it can be effectively addressed.


In this session, mental health professional from the Canadian Mental Health Association, will discuss mental health, the impacts of compassion fatigue and how Educators can better protect themselves.


You are not alone.


Join us.


Monday November 30

6:30 – 8:00 PM

via ZOOM

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