Facilitated by Paula Dibbits, RECE

“Although it is possible to be a reflective teacher on your own, reflecting with a group of coworkers offers a richer experience of camaraderie, multiple perspectives, deeper learning, and shared enjoyment of your work together” (Curtis, Lebo, Cividanes, & Carter, 2013).  Facilitated by Paula Dibbits, RECE

This opportunity invites Educators who work in and/or support infant programs to come together and collaboratively reflect on the unique joys and the challenges that come with caring for our youngest children. Participants will share experiences, ideas, and resources, and offer one another support, listen, and ask thoughtful questions. Topics may include programming ideas, communication, the environment, and much more.

Conversations emerging from this group will be ongoing, so we encourage participants to plan on joining us monthly.

*Please note, tickets for “Middlesex Professionals” are for those who work in Middlesex County (excludes London proper and Elgin County)

Tuesday October 22

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

265 Maitland St,
London, ON N6B 2Y3

No Fee

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