Facilitated by: Amy Sonnenberg, RECE, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Owner of Designed For You Nutrition


Join this Community of Practice where we explore and reflect on all areas of self-care and personal wellness, from the emotional, to the psychological, to the social, physical, and professional too. Participants will be introduced to a variety of practices and tools, hear from wellness professionals, and together, cultivate a strong social support network.

This month, we welcome Registered Holistic Nutritionist and RECE, Amy Sonnenberg, to lead us in an exploration of the connection between the food we eat and our mental health.  During this session, Amy will share simple tips and tricks to eat your way to improved mood, sleep and mental well-being. Amy cuts through the clutter of trendy eating habits and offers a simple approach to well balanced eating. We’ll even prepare some Overnight Oats together!  Recipes and a grocery list will be provided.

Self-care is a personal journey and one that is ever changing. We want this to be a space where we can continually come together to reflect on our health and well-being, making them habitual priorities and not after-thoughts.


Join us!


The success of a Community of Practice relies on shared reflection and the open exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge between members. Please come prepared to engage in meaningful conversation.


Amy Sonnenberg is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who believes that life can get complicated but eating healthy shouldn’t be. She strives to make nutrition fun, delicious and not at all boring! As an active contributor to the early learning world, she also understands the challenges that face Educators in a sometimes demanding work environment. She blends the ideals of a well balanced diet with the challenges of a full work day into realistic strategies for healthy living . Visit her at designedforyounutrition.com or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.



Thursday, October 28

6:30 – 8:00 PM

via ZOOM

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