Facilitated By: The Strive Wellness Committee


Join this Community of Practice where we explore and reflect on all areas of self-care and personal wellness, from the emotional, to the psychological, to the social, physical, and professional too. Participants will be introduced to a variety of practices and tools, hear from wellness professionals, and together, cultivate a strong social support network.

This month, we will connect with mental health advocate, Olivia Musico. Olivia will share her own well-being journey with us, the mountains she has faced, her road to recovery, and the ways she is now committed to stomping the stigma, spreading hope, and giving voice to those who are unable to do so. It is sure to be an evening of inspiration and courageous conversation. Please join us!

Self-care is a personal journey and one that is ever changing. We want this to be a space where we can continue to grow in health and well-being together, making our self-care an habitual priority and not an after-thought.



Olivia Musico is a fourth year student in the Honours Bachelor of EarlyChildhood Leadership program at Fanshawe College and the Strive Project Summer Intern. Olivia is an accomplished public speaker who puts great heart into everything she does. Learn more about Olivia on the Strive Blog!





Community of Practice: Be Well gathers on the last Thursday of the month.

The success of a Community of Practice relies on shared reflection and the open exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge between members. Please come prepared to engage in meaningful conversation.



Thursday, July 28

6:30 – 8:00PM


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